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Paul Allen May Save the Seattle Seahawks from Paul Allen

Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter offers a beacon of hope in this otherwise benighted day.

If Pete Carroll takes the Seattle Seahawks head coaching job, he will not have the final say on all football matters that he is seeking, according to one person who has spoken with team CEO Tod Leiweke.

John Wooten, chairman of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, which promotes diversity and equality in coaching, said Friday night that Leiweke informed him that Seahawks owner Paul Allen is against entrusting total control to one person.

Consider the obvious implications:

  1. Paul Allen learned from his former mistake. That in of itself is meaningful.
  2. Pete Carroll will not be entrusted with total control of this franchise and is therefore simply a head coach. I think we can all stomach Carroll the head coach. I just couldn't stomach Carroll, Grand Poobah.
  3. The big one: This queers the deal. If Carroll can not have total control, and if his position within the organization is being abated before he can even sign, it's entirely possible Carroll might pull out and put Seattle back at square one.

Square one is good. It's full of possibility and hope and sugar drops and I think there's a really comfortable couch there.