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  • John Carlson breaks free across the middle and receives for 14. It was all Marshawn Lynch. Matt Hasselbeck fakes play action and the Bears entire front seven commits run. That helps, but there's more! Safety Danieal Manning bites on the play fake and abandons coverage on Carlson. Carlson scoops a low pass for 14. He's wide open.
  • It's an inside zone right, I think. Chris Spencer and Stacy Andrews, yeah, that guy, combine to block linebacker Brian Iwuh and Manning, charging from the third level. Lynch rushes for nine, but there's obvious flaws to the run. Or at least, gray areas. Sean Locklear blocks Israel Idonije in the backfield, but Lynch rushes past Idonije rendering him irrelevant. Seattle doesn't achieve any kind of second level blocking, and Manning has a shot at Lynch, but this where the back takes over and makes something out of not a whole lot. The line blocks a little and Lynch beats the Bears to the outside.
  • One contributing factor was Deon Butler's smart execution. He fakes slant and lures corner Tim Jennings left and that helps set the edge on the right. He also gets a piece of Manning, but that doesn't seem to factor.
  • Lynch takes a handoff from Michael Robinson on a zone read that doesn't work. Pisa Tinoisamoa crashes off the back side, the left in this case, and probably would have wrapped Robinson if he kept it.
  • False start: Andrews.
  • Jennings attempts to jam Mike Williams and Williams jolts him backwards. Hard. Jennings then settles in a short zone, Williams curls behind and catches and runs for 16. No cure for a cover 2 corner forsaken by his pass rush.
  • Play action, Hasselbeck pump fakes, Jennings curls under Williams route, leaps as if to attempt a pick and the pass flies high over Jennings and to Williams for 24.
  • And here's that HasselMagic: Seahawks hurry to the line and set in a WR (left), tight end (left), 2 WR (right), RB (right) shotgun formation. Carlson runs a post, Hasselbeck pumps, that draws Manning, Hasselbeck resets and lofts a pass perfectly into the arms of Butler. Touchdown.