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Final Second Quarter Notes

Snapshot of a Jay Cutler nightmare.
Snapshot of a Jay Cutler nightmare.

Short post for now, followed by a third quarter post and fourth quarter post later today. My intention is to finish up last week's game and have tomorrow free to write whatever I want, specifically about the Cardinals.

The Seahawks are tied atop the NFC West with the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals pushed their record to 3-2 with an impressive win over the New Orleans Saints. Some might describe Arizona's home victory over New Orleans as lucky, but I don't think that's accurate. Many of the situations the Cardinals capitalized on were unrepeatable, but that doesn't mean Arizona was lucky, just good in a way that's not likely to predict future success.

Onto the rest of the second quarter.

  • Red Bryant and the Seahawks front four finally stemmed the bleeding and broke up a screen attempt. It was a two prong attack, with the remaining three linemen not overpursuing and Bryant pressuring Cutler into throwing the ball away.
  • Then Johnny Knox burned Marcus Trufant on a post corner.
  • Knox curls in front of Walter Thurmond for 13.
  • Seattle runs a safety blitz and Cutler attempts a forced throw towards Knox. Thurmond leaps high in the air and almost picks it, deflects it, and Earl Thomas dives and almost picks it, drops it.
  • Thomas tackles Devin Aromashodu immediately after a reception for six.
  • Then Seattle blitzes Will Herring and Lofa Tatupu and Herring draws Matt Forte and Tatupu screens and pressures Cutler into an incomplete pass.
  • Field goal.

Seahawks ball.

  • Two straight inside hand offs right, the first of which works.
  • Inside hand off left. Forsett tallies 19 meaningless yards.