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Field Gulls is So Captain of the Tailgate It's the Grill and the Cooler

It is said Sir Henry Morgan, the privateer that became the mascot for Captain Morgan liquor products, used Jesuit priests and nuns as human shields during the siege of Puerto Bello, Panama. History can be a trip. Acting as a human shield against one's own forces is certainly a bad way to die. Not that there's many good. History can remind you how good we really have it, in between the bitching, and send one to the bottle in alternating revery and revelry.

Let's talk about that second part and planning a proper pre-game.

I can not afford Seahawks tickets and so I watch every game from home. It's also a very busy day for me and so I don't have company. If it's a morning game, I usually just drink coffee and eat a banana or something else small, if anything at all. If it's an afternoon game, I like to eat a sandwich or something equivalent. Because I'm kind of on the job in a sense, and because even in my more concentrated bouts of alcohol abuse, I don't typically drink in the middle of the day. I usually last until sometime around 4:30 before I crack a beer. And it's always beer. I don't like wine and I don't drink hard alcohol very often.

I usually run with opposing styles, and then sort of match the season. In summer I drink lighter beers like IPAs and tripels. If I have a really hoppy IPA, I sometimes pair it with a porter. Not a big porter fan, but there's good porters: Stone, Deschutes, Anchor is pretty good though I'm not a big Anchor fan. Football season is typically dark and wet and cold and good stout weather. It's also when a lot of wet hop ales and winter warmers come out. I like a lot of different wet hop ales I've had, though the last, Rogue First Growth I think it was called, was sku-uh-uh-unked. Yuck, and I like Rogue.

Also, I eat chips. Kettle Cheddar and Sour Cream. It's a popular variety.

So, um, wow, what a strange post. Captain Morgan is running a promotion with SB Nation. We're supposed to post about the best things to do when tailgating, but I don't tailgate, or the best kind of pre-game food, snacks and drink, so that's kind of what I attempted here, but, damn, not sure why anyone would want to read this.

When I was younger, I do think I drank Captain Morgan's rum and I remember thinking it was okay, though I usually bought Cruzan. Also, my seventh grade teacher used to call me Captain Morgan, and those are my two connections to the product. It would seem we have a Captain and Cola wrapper around the site, but I don't like packaged mix drinks. Better to just buy the separate products and mix one yourself. Rum and coke is pretty yum, if you like sweet.

And there we go. So, what are we calling this? Rule the Tailgate? Lets go ahead and call this an open thread to discuss pre-game snacks, traditions and drinks, because someone out there surely loves the Captain, even if they don't comment on the site very often. Oh, and I argued out of posting a video advertisement in this post, but you can find it on other blogs. According to Niners Nation, it has Marissa Miller, and I have no idea who that is.