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Why the Seahawks Offense Fails, Prelude

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This week, instead of doing a complete breakdown of the Seahawks offense and defense, I want to center my attention on the Seahawks offense. The question I wish to answer is the same as the headline "Why does the Seahawks offense fail?" This isn't an attempt at finger pointing. It is in fact an attempt to stop finger pointing.

Finger pointing comments read like this: "Ben Hamilton sucks. When Richard Seymour forklifts Ham every other snap, it's impossible for Matt to find an open target because he has no time."

There's a semblance of reason there, but what does it really mean to say Hamilton sucks? How does that quality, which we can't really define other than to say it means Hamilton is poor at football, directly impact Hasselbeck's ability to pass? What is "no time"?

I hope to provide a detailed if not comprehensive look at why the Seahawks offense is playing so miserably. While player evaluations will be a part of the process, the goal is not to simply say so and so is bad, but instead to explain exactly what it is that so and so does that undermines the offense. Hopefully when I am done, I can offer some kind of solution. At the very minimum, we can hopefully rise above finger pointing. But to make this work, it's going to take some preparation. That might mean we inch out of the gates today but finish strong, whenever it is this series is finished. It might take all week.

Mindful of that, I will post a few smaller, shorter posts today while I work on the larger project. I think this will be fun and a good departure from line after line describing blown blocks and missed targets.