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Monday Night Football Thread

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My slavering love of football might win out against my work ethic, because though it's fun to watch bad football over and over in slow motion, it's almost equally as fun to watch good football in real time, beer in hand.

This is a reasonably close matchup as measured through DVOA and ER, but home field could prove decisive. Brian Burke gives the Colts a 69% chance of winning. That sounds about right, with the chance of blowout pretty strong. Isn't it always with Peyton Manning slinging it?

I don't have much preference between the Texans and the Colts, but for Tim and Battle Red Blog, I'm pulling upset. May Mario Williams tear through whatever jobber the Colts are starting at left tackle. May Andre Johnson eat two deep coverage like candy corn. May Brian Cushing overtrain himself into a febrile frenzy of bloodlust. May Amobi Okoye do something, damn it.

And may all your fantasy teams get the exact combination of stats you need.