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Seahawks Bi-Weekly Injury Report

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This is a sponsored post, by the way. At least it can be relevant.

Here, copy and pasted from Phildopip's "Post Your Hawk" are the Seahawks and Cardinals injury reports.

Seattle Injuries: Chris Baker TE (Foot, DNP Wed.), Colin Cole DT (Ankle, DNP Wed.), Marshawn Lynch RB (Thigh, LP Wed.), Russell Okung OT (Ankle, LP Wed.), Michael Robinson RB (Hamstring, DNP Wed.), Golden Tate WR (Ankle, DNP Wed.), Lofa Tatupu LB (Knee, DNP Wed.)

Arizona Injuries: Will Davis LB (Knee, LP Wed.), Darnell Dockett DT (Shoulder, LP Wed.), Clark Haggans LB (Groin, DNP Wed.), Paris Lenon LB (Ankle, DNP, Wed.), Joey Porter LB (Knee, LP Wed.), Kerry Rhodes S (Hand, LP Wed.), Beanie Wells RB (Knee, DNP Wed.)

In blockquotes so you know it's unoriginal. Here is my quick and dirty explanation for what each injury might mean.

Chris Baker: Blocking tight ends might seem incidental to fans, but they have their purpose. That said, when a team has a steady veteran that isn't contributing much beyond his ability to be assignment correct and hard working, an injury can be fortuitous. Losing Baker might take some plays out of the playbook, but handing snaps to more talented players like Anthony McCoy or Cameron Morrah could pay dividends in other ways. Like, receptions and yards. Pesky things, not as important as grittitude and blockitude and stumblitude and injuring your teammates.

Colin Cole: Junior Siavii seems capable of shedding and tackling, and he's a bit better able to make plays in the backfield than Cole, but he's not quite as sound a tackler. That shouldn't matter too much.

Marshawn Lynch: Limited participation -- I wouldn't worry. The life of a running back is a life of constant aches and bruises.

Russell Okung: The Cardinals lack a top flight pass rusher, and so if there's any doubt Okung is ready, I expect him to sit another week. A healthy Okung could transform this passing attack. Without Okung, the Seahawks need extra blockers on almost every snap and that plays against Hasselbeck's abilities. With Okung, we might see some of that 2007 magic.

Michael Robinson: Robinson was really taking to fullback last I watched him, and he needs regular season reps to really learn the position, but in the short term, this isn't a crippling loss. It means tight end-full back-receiver John Carlson will line up in the back field a bit more and take a bit more abuse than normal.

Golden Tate: Tate has been a non-factor, and unlike a lot of players, I don't think Tate needs field time so much as an ah-ha moment. I only remember Tate looking intense once since Seattle drafted him and that followed a hard hit by a defender. Can't remember what game that was exactly, but took a blow, got up looking angry and then ran with intensity for the next few plays.

Lofa Tatupu: The sad truth is that Tatupu hasn't been very good this season. Early on, playing behind a strong defensive line that could control the line of scrimmage, Tatupu showed his run stuffing chops. He wasn't always the player that tackled, but he excelled at jamming lead blockers in the hole. Since the loss of Mebane, and then exacerbated by the loss of Red Bryant, lead blockers and, much worse, linemen have streamed into the second level and torn through the Seahawks linebacker corps. It's too bad that with Mebane returning, Tatupu is now banged up himself. I think he'll play, and, hopefully, with the line better able to hold ground, he'll have a chance to remind us why we all fell in love with him.