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Eagles at Redskins Game Thread

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Subjected my wife to Colts at SeaGles last week. She's a good sport and accepts that for five to seven months, football is a constant in the Morgan household. Mostly I wanted to see Darryl Tapp but it was good to see Owen Schmitt again too. Schmitt is as fearsome a run blocker as ever and he had an awesome block on LeSean McCoy's 62 yard run to start the game. He lays out Dwight Freeney and Freeney trips Robert Mathis and that springs the run.

The Schmitt story is a microcosm of how things went wrong in Seattle. If we include all the players Tim Ruskell drafted but now play somewhere else, it's hard to impeach his eye for talent. At least, his eye for serviceable talent. But Schmitt was obsolete almost as soon as he was needed. Ruskell must have known that when Jim Mora took over, Greg Knapp would be his offensive coordinator. Knapp needed an agile, hybrid style fullback for his zone blocking scheme and in came Justin Griffith and to the bench went Schmitt. So, good player that the Seahawks couldn't use. That's a clear disconnect between coaching and management. Something I do not think the Seahawks struggle with anymore.

Tapp is playing well. He doesn't get a ton of snaps and the snaps he's getting are not exclusively at defensive end. He is playing some joker. He shadowed out to cover Donald Brown on a swing pass and it looked quality. He is playing some tackle, and I don't think that really suits his ability. He's short enough for sure, but Tapp isn't a great athlete. He can't just do anything. He's a good football player and specifically, a skilled defensive end. His game is timing, hand fighting, angles and awareness.

I think the Eagles will be happy with Tapp in the long run. He helps other players make plays. His sack on Peyton Manning was pretty much Tapp defined. He shot off the snap, disengaged from tight end Gijon Robinson and then worked around left tackle Charlie Johnson. Tapp took a precise angle towards Manning. Manning is great about throwing out of pressure but moves like quick sand, but Manning was still almost able to slide right and avoid pressure. Tapp got him around the ankles and dropped him for a loss of five.

Closing speed? No. Football acumen? In spades. The Eagles will be happy with Tapp if Tapp isn't among their best defenders and certainly not among their most talented, because he does all the little things right that casual fans don't give crap about but coaches learn to love.

Anyway, this is a game thread. I pull SeaGles, but have always been a fan of Donovan McNabb. Crazy the outrage his new contract elicited.