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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Early Game Thread and Opponent Adjustment in Action

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The better the Raiders are, the less this loss stings.
The better the Raiders are, the less this loss stings.

I have never had a Bloody Mary. Mixed drinks always make me think of this sketch.

So this is the early morning game thread. Looks like about everyone west of the Mississippi is getting Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers. That should be a very bad game. Seahawks fans probably feel ambivalent. There's lingering hatred toward former AFC West rivals, but, then again, there's still fresh hatred for the Steelers. Some people probably can not even remember the AFC West and others think it's foolish to continue to hate the Steelers years after the incident.

The rooting interest for Seahawks fans should lie with past opponents. Seattle has not and will not play Pittsburgh this season, but Oakland ripped through Seattle. That's bad because through the first half of the season, Oakland was one of the worst teams in football. They've improved. They're approaching mediocre. The better Oakland plays from here on out, the more tolerable that loss. It won't reverse the outcome, but better to lose to a good team than a bad team.

That's how I pull each week. It's imprecise, but simple enough to apply: pull for the Seahawks past opponents, because the better they are, the potentially better Seattle is.