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Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints Game Thread

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Thom Brennamen says: The 5-4 Seattle Seahawks travel to the Super Dome to face the 6-3 Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.

Brian Billick says: The Spokane Cedars Hawks need to move the ball to score.

The AP Says: Reggie Bush takes on his former coach Pete Carol.

The gambler says: Seahawks are a cinch to cover the spread. Saints have been crapping the bed all season.

The homer says: Matt and Seattle are about to turn around their season.

The stats say: Seattle has a 16% chance of winning.

The statistician says: Over 512 game regular season schedule, upsets of that magnitude happen relatively frequently.

Mark Sanchez says: Whoops.

The Saints faithful says: Win by 20.

Julius Jones says: You bastards are going to pay for ruining my career.

Surface level scouting says: The Saints are a deadly screen team and Seattle struggles badly with the screen. Seattle needs to pressure without blitzing, and that's been a major problem.

Aaron Curry says: I'm just tapping in.

Deeper scouting says: The return of Russell Okung could lead to a resurgent performance by Matt Hasselbeck. Seattle needs to spread the field and test the Saints banged up secondary and linebacker corps, and if Matt has time and can distribute to four and five receivers, Seattle should be able to score and at least keep this close.

Matchups say: Watch Sedrick Ellis against Stacy Andrews and Chester Pitts. Ellis has had a breakthrough season and if the Seahawks can't stifle interior pressure, Okung will be irrelevant.

Reggie Bush says: I'm inactive.

Absolut says: We are improving our brand image with 18-45 year old males.

John Morgan says: SEA!