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From Zero to Zero

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I would love, love, love for Cameron Morrah to get some more looks on offense. If this past season has taught me anything, it's that skill position players Tim Ruskell selected in the seventh round are by rule awesome.

Morrah returns the ball 30 yards to put Seattle in KC territory.

1-10-KC 48 (11:25) 24-M.Lynch right guard to KC 44 for 4 yards (59-J.Belcher, 91-T.Hali).

Chiefs send Javier Arenas on a corner blitz. Seattle runs up the gut. This should work.

Chris Spencer is matched against Wallace Gilberry. Yes. He controls him, moving him first right and then containing him left when Marshawn Lynch cuts towards the left "A" gap. There's push and lead blockers, but Stacy Andrews, Chester Pitts and Sean Locklear convene in the second level and ignore Jovan Belcher. Belcher gets the tackle.

Maybe that's a missed assignment. Maybe Lynch is supposed to be quicker. Maybe Belcher is supposed to be irrelevant.

2-6-KC 44 (10:54) (Shotgun) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass short left to 87-B.Obomanu to KC 39 for 5 yards (21-J.Arenas).

Seahawks spread four wide, empty backfield. Chiefs respond with a 2-4 and rush six.

Matt looks left, looks left, looks left. Obomanu runs a short out pattern and looks for the ball. It's there. He receives and reaches forward for what looks like the first. The officials mark it just short.

3-1-KC 39 (10:26) 24-M.Lynch left guard to KC 39 for no gain (56-D.Johnson). Official measurement.

Lynch has this:


and ends here:


after some to and fro.

It's short of the first.

To be continued.