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Giants at Seahawks Game Thread 2

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The Seahawks are being ripped apart by a Super Bowl contender.

I am shocked and angered in equal parts.

Charlie Whitehurst has looked pretty damn rough, though his numbers ignore that the first interception was a touchdown bobbled into an interception. The pass itself was a strike into a tight window. But bad bounces happen, and he hasn't acquitted himself on the rest of his snaps.

Whitehurst isn't the story. We wanted him to be. We wanted him to show up and blow up or at least suck so completely the argument could end, but neither has happened. Whitehurst isn't the story because Whitehurst owns very little responsibility for the Giants scoring at will.

The Seahawks defense is collapsing. Strike that. The defense is in ruins, toxic Chernobyl ruins, uninhabitable by man. It was dependent on its run defense, and you just can't patch three starters along the defensive line in one week. The run defense has survived, if at a reduced capacity, but Seattle's pass rush has completely vanished. The coverage may be worse. Marcus Trufant is getting the most face time, and he's playing poorly, but I think that's a function of Tru covering the Giants number one receiver and the lack of rush allowing deep patterns to develop. Pretty much the entire secondary is struggling.

The Seahawks are being blown out because the Seahawks are one of the worst teams in football. I did not expect Seattle to be a significantly better team than it was in 2009, but the lack of progress from 2008 to 2009 to 2010 is pretty concerning. A team as bad as Seattle should be unstable, so to speak. It should be bad enough that improvement is relatively easy, because bad players should be easy enough to replace. I can swallow the bad loss, but this has been a bad loss in which there's little to root for, and that hurts.

On a side note, field turf increases the incidence of ACL injuries and high ankle sprains. Earl Thomas just limped off the field. As a Seahawks fan, I don't think of Paul Allen as my personal piggy bank, but at what point does retaining a disadvantageous playing surface become bad business?