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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Bad Football, Good Football and Just Football

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My wife was sick yesterday and so we did those things a couple does when one is sick and the other just wants try and be there: I read an interview with Joel Hodgson on the Onion A.V., we finished watching the Bourne Identity, I read a volume of Sandman comics, we re-watched Cave Dwellers, I played Chess Titans, we didn't watch Army vs. Navy. I didn't end up watching any football yesterday. Which isn't typical especially on a Saturday. I didn't even think about football until after Alanya went to bed. Which is really atypical.

CBS is airing Bengals at Steelers. I don't like either team, it's lopsided, and it's decidedly lopsided in favor of the team I dislike more, the Steelers. Yet I will probably still watch. Maybe something worthwhile will happen. Where's Richard Seymour when you need him?

We're nearing the best part of football season and the best part directly precedes the end of football season. The Seahawks play in the most important game Seattle has played in three years. We're nearing the most exciting part of the schedule, the most antagonizing, and the 6-6 Seahawks are underdogs against the same team that was supposed to kick their teeth in and run away with the NFC West after week one: the San Francisco 49ers.

In the intervening weeks, the 49ers and Seahawks have both proven to be bad teams. Seattle has the better record but the 49ers rate a little better by advanced stats. I am sure San Francisco would trade perception for reality. After Bengals-Steelers and Seahawks-49ers is the night game. The Eagles travel to Dallas to face the 4-8 Cowboys in another ugly seeming and completely irrelevant matchup. It's a Sunday of bad football.

It's a Sunday of football and good or bad, meaningful or meaningful seeming, it's football and I'll be watching, because after yesterday, I remember what February feels like.