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49ers at Chargers Game Thread

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I don't want San Francisco to win and I don't want San Francisco to lose. I sort of want San Diego to win because I think they are a worthy playoff team and I know Philip Rivers is a worthy quarterback.

So the remaining interest is in how the game is played. How boring. Will Alex Smith show any progress or is Seattle's pass defense truly and undeniably that bad? My money's on the latter.

Has San Diego patched its special teams unit?

If San Diego takes San Francisco behind the woodshed (which is a metaphor for child abuse (but during a time when it was acceptable, mind you)) should Seahawks fans be happy or that much more convinced that Seattle is one of the worst teams in the NFL?

Oh, and I suspect there's some fantasy implications too. That Ryan Mathews kid everyone over-drafted has a chance to justify sitting on your bench the last ten weeks.