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Falcons at Seahawks Game Thread

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Seattle has won six games this season. Six games! Six Sundays it felt good to be a Seahawks fan. If Seattle could win today, it would be seven. A sweet, sweet seven. And that's as far as I am willing to set my goals. The playoffs should be had through winning, not unprecedented failure by others.

A win doesn't seem very likely, of course. The Falcons are 11-2. The Seahawks are 6-7 and crumbling. It took a full five days for the loss to the 49ers to fully set in, but seeing San Diego walk them off the field confirmed my worst suspicion. Since week one, the 49ers have not become drastically better, but the Seahawks have become drastically worse.

Seattle has lost seven games this season. Seven games that were not tough fought but fruitless. Seven weekends in which it wasn't just hard to be a Seahawks fan, it was downright discouraging.

Win probability is an advanced stat that benefits from intuitive recognition. We don't necessarily need to know Seattle's win probability at any point within a game to know the Seahawks are likely to lose (or win!), but as a football fan, as a Seahawks fan, we know the descent all too well. Much of Seattle's season has looked like this:


And this:


And this:


And that, a whole half of desperate, meaningless football, has been a regular part of Seattle's seven losses.

Maybe a win is a long shot if not impossible, but competitive football should be in reach. Play your guts out, Seahawks, and give Qwest something to cheer about.