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Falcons at Seahawks Game Thread 2

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The Seahawks are playing well.

The Seahawks are playing well!


This is a team fighting it's way into the playoffs. This is a team proving their mettle.

Yes, yes, yes, Seattle is losing. The Falcons get the ball back. The Falcons have the advantage and will probably win.

Bbut I have seen numerous quality plays. Well executed blitzes. Seahawks swarming receivers in coverage. That Babs pick! The consecutive forced fumbles! The hitting! The tackling! The interior defense! Aaron Curry at defensive tackle! Clemons edge rush!

The Seahawks offense appears to still be 94% shite, and so the defense may eventually collapse under the pressure of bad field position and fatigue, but as far as the 2010 Seahawks hosting the 11-2 2010 Falcons, this has been a competitive, hard fought, exciting game of football.