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Slaughter Bowl Game Thread

This is also an open thread to talk Seahawks. I'm out all day finishing up Christmas shopping, etc.

Instead of telling you what you already know, that the Steelers have the best run defense in the NFL and should atomize the Panthers run-first offense, here's a set of questions that attempt to put into perspective just how one-sided this matchup is.

Which will Jimmy Clausen do: Throw more interceptions or convert third downs?

Which will Jimmy Clausen do: Throw more passing yards or throw more interception return yards?

Who will total more yards on offense: Rashard Mendenhall or the Carolina Panthers?

Which unit will score more points: The Steelers defense or the Panthers offense?

Which unit will account for more net yards: The Panthers offense or the Panthers kick return team?

Who will finish with more time of possession: The Steelers first team (as determined when Ben Roethlisberger checks out) or the Carolina Panthers?

That's a tricky one.

And of course: In which quarter will Steve Smith beat Jimmy Clausen to death?

My money's on the third.