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Saints at Falcons Game Thread

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I have really learned to love the NFL, the whole NFL, this season. Tonight's game, though by no means a surefire great game, looks about a thousand times more fun and exciting than any game Seattle has played in the last three seasons. There is more at stake, much much more at stake. Better talent will take the field. Better coached talent will take the field. Between Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez, legitimate Hall of Fame talent will take the field. That's premature for Ryan, of course, but isn't it excited to know it's possible?

Someday, Seahawks fans. Someday.

Decoupling my joy of football from the Seahawks has become necessary for me to write about football and still enjoy football, but the upshot is games like tonight's are no longer an also-ran or something I might check out in the off-season to scout talent. This is what I have looked forward to. This is the game of week, and I am going to crack a beer or three and take in some top-caliber NFL football.