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Tuesday Night Football? Game Thread

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A less divisive former Seahawk: #32, Owen Schmitt.
A less divisive former Seahawk: #32, Owen Schmitt.

Seahawks fans should root for the Vikings to win, and once that's off the table, root for, I don't know, good play by Joe Webb?

The Vikings need a quarterback, but they do not need a young quarterback. They need someone that can push them towards a championship right away. The Williams Wall is crumbling and Jared Allen is nearing 29. Adrian Peterson is great now, but running backs have infamously short careers. Donovan McNabb makes sense, but that's contingent on the head coach. I would give the position to Leslie Frazier and sign an offensive coordinator. I'll tell you if Rick Spielman consults me.

Anyway, this game looks like a total mismatch, I have seen enough of the Eagles to enjoy them but not be terribly excited by the opportunity to watch them again, but NFL football is NFL football and NFL football on Tuesday night is like a quickie on a lunch break. You won't hear me complaining.

Notable Seagles: Owen Schmitt and Darryl Tapp

Notable SeaVikings: Nada.