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Predict the Winner

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Football Outsiders thinks the Rams will win. Brian Burke thinks the Seahawks will win. I think the Seahawks will win, but Charlie Whitehurst starting makes it very hard to predict anything with confidence. Seahawks fans seem to think Seattle is the worst team in the NFL right now, or among the worst, and that St. Louis is better. Many Seahawks fans also seem to think Qwest has lost something this season, but I think blaming Qwest for the Giants and Falcons stomping mud holes through the Seahawks is unfair. Seahawks Stadium didn't hatch this monster. It just hosts its weekly extermination.

So I throw it out to you. Who wins this Sunday? The Rams start a rookie. The Seahawks start a less accomplished 28 year old career backup. The Rams have the better defense. The Seahawks have the better special teams. The Seahawks host. Seattle has collapsed down the stretch. The Rams have not. By weighted DVOA, the difference between the Seahawks and the Rams, 21.9%, is greater than the difference between the Rams and the Jets, 20.8%. Are we in store for a blowout?

No way, right?