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I may have picked the wrong week to scout Earl Thomas.
I may have picked the wrong week to scout Earl Thomas.

1-10-CAR 21 (8:51) 2-J.Clausen pass short left to 12-D.Gettis ran ob at CAR 32 for 11 yards [94-J.Siavii].

Earl Thomas starts the snap nine yards deep and left of center. He runs five yards forward chasing play action and then turns and attempts to get in Clausen's throwing lane and tip a pass to David Gettis. He doesn't. He isn't close. Gettis receives in front of Kelly Jennings for 11 and the first. KJen doesn't tackle. He chases.

1-10-CAR 32 (8:27) 28-J.Stewart left tackle to CAR 39 for 7 yards (57-D.Hawthorne).

Panthers attack the weak side. You know this one.

Thomas starts out of the frame but closes and contains the outside left. He's too late to factor.

2-3-CAR 39 (7:54) 2-J.Clausen pass short right to 42-T.Fiammetta to CAR 48 for 9 yards (59-A.Curry).

Carolina runs play action and Jimmy Clausen dishes to Tony Fiammetta running a flat. Aaron Curry is caught between Fiammetta and Gettis and doesn't cover either.

Thomas starts ten deep and left of center. He doesn't bite play action but does not otherwise factor into this play.

1-10-CAR 48 (7:14) 28-J.Stewart left guard to SEA 49 for 3 yards (94-J.Siavii).

Seattle mixes and matches its strong and weak side. Chris Clemons is playing over Carolina's two tight end set on the left. Curry and Kentwan Balmer are opposite the unaccompanied right tackle. Milloy is on the left with Clemons. Thomas is on the right, showing blitz. Curry and Thomas overload the right. Curry chases Clausen. Thomas chases the ball carrier. Junior Siavii knifes in and tackles Jonathan Stewart. Thomas was close. Without Siavii, this could have gone a long way.

2-7-SEA 49 (6:39) 2-J.Clausen pass short right to 42-T.Fiammetta to SEA 41 for 8 yards (23-M.Trufant, 59-A.Curry).

Thomas is out of the frame.

Clausen motions play action and takes a seven step drop. He targets a wide open Fiammetta and Fiammetta receives before Curry, Lofa Tatupu and Marcus Trufant close and tackle.

1-10-SEA 41 (6:04) 28-J.Stewart left tackle to SEA 38 for 3 yards (21-K.Jennings).

Thomas is 14 deep and more or less over center. He is not involved.

Carolina runs at Seattle's strong side.

2-7-SEA 38 (5:27) (Shotgun) 2-J.Clausen pass short left to 47-J.King to SEA 36 for 2 yards (57-D.Hawthorne).

Thomas starts 10 yards deep and over center and drops to about 15 yards deep after the snap.

Milloy shows blitz off left end. He mistimes it slightly, but it manages to spook Clausen. Clausen outlets to Jeff King running a speed out and David Hawthorne closes and tackles after a two yard gain.



Jeff King.

Thomas doesn't factor.

3-5-SEA 36 (4:47) (Shotgun) 2-J.Clausen pass incomplete short right to 89-S.Smith (51-L.Tatupu) [98-R.Brock].

This is exhilarating drive for free safety scouting concludes thus:

Thomas starts 15 yards deep and left of center. He moves farther left and over Jennings before the snap. Jennings is matched against Brandon LaFell.

Seahawks send Tatupu. Clausen panics, begins evading pass rushers that aren't there. He breaks the pocket right and helps free Raheem Brock from a double team. Tatupu disengages pass rush and begins spying Clausen. Clausen has escaped imminent pressure and is sidestepping right, staring down Steve Smith. Smith has broken his route and is improvising. He has Roy Lewis beat and is working back towards the middle of the field. Clausen sets and fires a high pass towards Smith, but Tatupu is on it. He leaps, stretches out his left hand and tips it incomplete.