Seahawks Rank 30th in DVOA


Seattle ranks 30th with a -23.9% overall DVOA. The defense is still worse than in 2009 or 2008, and the reason is the run defense. After building through the run defense in previous seasons, and posting a 16th place and 10th place finish in 2008 and 2009 respectively, the Seahawks rush defense has completely collapsed in 2010. It currently ranks 30th. Seattle's weighted defense (a metric that diminishes early season performance and emphasizes late season performance) ranks last in the NFL. Lovely. Speaking of weighted DVOA, Seahawks fans should probably take note that Seattle has played much worse as of recent, posting a -30.7% weighted DVOA, and the 49ers have played much better as of recent, posting an almost average -1.2% DVOA. Add in home field advantage and this week's contest could be a blowout loss. Think that seems sensational? Kansas City's weighted DVOA is 3.1% and the Chiefs brought the ass whooping to Qwest. Factor in Alex Smith starting and I would be surprised if Seattle won by more than two or three touchdowns.