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People use Facebook. I do not use Facebook. SBN wishes I would and so I will. I am now going to use Facebook. I goofed my profile and so now Field Gulls is a person. A person named Field Gulls. It feasts on bitter defeat and shits out bitter hatred, but the kind of hatred that can link a man to his foe until both die in a cascading wave of fire.

Someone sent me a Mafia Wars request. How do people have this kind of time? I budget eating and taking a piss and scold myself for not incorporating writing while on the toilet. That's untrue. I write many a blog post from the can.

Anywho, Field Gulls Facebook page, the page dedicated to the insatiable football eating beast, Field Gulls, is now going to be active. I think. That's the plan. I find the process frustrating and pointless and that convinces me it must be financially beneficial. I'm not so into money but that's why I'm a loser. That's why they'll bury drums of toxic waste in my dead relatives graves.

While I'm wasting all our valuable time prattling about the internets, let's talk about a couple more thing.

1. Flags and Recs: Every post, fanpost, fanshot and comment can be recommended or flagged. 'Rec' and 'Flag' buttons appear underneath posts, fanposts and fanshots. Click them. If you click the 'Actions' button under a comment a subset of options will appear: Flag or Rec. Please use these. Rec everything that tickles your fancy. Rec ironically, I often do. Rec because you have alexithymia and can't otherwise express yourself. Rec rec rec.

Or flag. Flag is the opposite of rec. If flag and rec collided it would create a space time rip that would swallow all things but Dan McGwire. Flag means you want to complain. That should entice some. So flag, post your complaint and it will be visible to editors and moderators. Flag away. Flag about anything. Flag flag flag.

2. Retweet: I think this causes the original tweet sent out by the author, in this case, me, to be re-sent through your own Twitter account and to your own twitter followers. Sink your teeth into this, too. It's sure to help SBN's bottom line and that's good. Do you like Jeff Sullivan? Wouldn't want Tyler Bleszinski to sell him into prostitution like he did John Sickels, would you? So help the damn bottom line, ok? I'm certainly not pulling my weight. Someone around here has to.

3. Facebook: I once asked what the purpose of Facebook was and someone told me it used to help you get laid. Well, I guarantee re-posting stories will make your kinkiest fantasies come true. The ones you won't even tell your friends when your wicked drunk and they're wickeder drunk and you know they won't remember and you won't remember telling them and so maybe you told them but you didn't, because they're that damn kinky. Money back, and you can take that can kind of promise to the bank. The First National Bank of Dirty, Sinful and Awesome.

Finally, I postponed an earlier podcast out of deference to G'd Up's Fanpost. Anyone want one this week? I'm leaning towards maybe. A maybe you can take to the bank. You can take a lot of things to the bank. I took my cat to the bank once and they asked me to leave. They asked me to leave.


Which prospect should I scout next?

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  • 4%
    Ciron Black against Penn St
    (24 votes)
  • 9%
    Lamarr Houston against Alabama
    (48 votes)
  • 14%
    Jimmy Claussen against Pitt
    (72 votes)
  • 6%
    Gerald McCoy against Stanford
    (34 votes)
  • 46%
    Jimmy Clausen against USC
    (228 votes)
  • 17%
    Toby Gerhart against Oklahoma
    (85 votes)
491 votes total Vote Now