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Brian Price Madhouses Huskies Offensive Line

A bull rush does not make a defensive tackle, but it's a hell of a start. Brian Price probably has the best bull rush of any tackle in his class. That's remarkable for a player his size. It's predicated on a great first step. That's a bit of a polish move. Unlike many abilities we hope a prospect learns, a first step is something I've seen developed and honed with experience. A rookie can start without a great one and develop it as he matures.

I typically try to match a prospect against good opposition. That's not always possible though. It wasn't possible in the case of Brian Price, but if I have time -and I think I will- I'll revisit Price against a line worth a damn. Instead, I watched Price tee off against the Huskies. It doesn't tell us much about how Price will perform against top competition, but it does allow me to explore the basic Brian Price game, his strengths and, close your ears enrapt Brian Price supporters, his weaknesses.

1. 1st and 10 at WASH 20 Chris Polk rush for 34 yards to the UCLA 46 for a 1ST down.

LDT, 1-tech. Price jumps off the snap and bulls into center Ryan Tolar. Tolar is 6'5", the exact kind of tall, marginal athlete one would expect Price to be able get under and bully. He does. Price walks Tolar into the backfield, but where we would then want him to break the block and attack the rusher, he's instead turned out and away from Polk. Polk hits the edge and sprints for 34.

2. 1st and 10 at UCLA 46 Jake Locker pass complete to Johri Fogerson for 5 yards to the UCLA 41.

LDT, 1-tech. Another good jump but again he doesn't separate and Locker fires without duress.

3. 2nd and 5 at UCLA 41 Jake Locker pass incomplete.

RDT, 1-tech. Bit of a strange play here as right guard Morgan Rosborough appears to let Price through looking to block someone to his left. The running back hits Price but Price is still largely uncontested. He hits Locker after Locker throws it incomplete. It was Rosborough's first career start.

4. 3rd and 5 at UCLA 41 Jake Locker pass incomplete.

RDT, 1-tech. This is a nice play. Price stunts out and miniature defensive end Iuta Tepa loops around to the inside. Price shows fluid agility to the edge and good hand work, and is able to turn the corner and come after Locker, but a beat too late.


1. 1st and 10 at WASH 34 Jake Locker pass complete to Jermaine Kearse for 26 yards to the UCLA 40 for a 1ST down.

LDT, 3-tech. Price explodes through and bowls over right tackle Cody Habben but Locker senses the pressure, shifts slightly left and avoids Price entirely. It would have been nice to see a closing burst after breaking free into the backfield. He lets up after the throw and left guard Senio Kelemente shows him a little mutual defensive lineman appreciation by blindsiding him into the turf.

2. 1st and 10 at UCLA 40 Chris Polk rush for 26 yards to the UCLA 14 for a 1ST down.


3. 1st and 10 at UCLA 14 Demitrius Bronson rush for a loss of 3 yards to the UCLA 17.

RDT, 1-tech. Price bulls, swims and separates, closing in on Bronson and joining the Yooclah surge that engulfs him.

4. 2nd and 13 at UCLA 17 Jake Locker pass complete to Jermaine Kearse for 17 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.

RDT, 1-tech. Oh golly, it's a Jake Locker moment. Price is money, but Locker is legend. Dominant play by Price, as he again powers through Tolar and low-bridges Locker. Locker throws a fade away strike to Kearse for the score. Good effort, anyway.