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Brian Price Plays Flag Football

The next drive was nice and long and allowed for some good looks at Price in various down and distances. I was surprised he plays so much 1-tech, but maybe not as surprised when I began to notice that his pass rush moves are very limited. That's his first scouting red flag: Price appears to be all bull rush and no second act. It's an exceptional bull rush, or at least looked as much against Ryan Tolar, but as Steve Sarkisian expertly evinced, a player that is 100% penetrate, with little awareness, less than stellar ability to get off blocks and only good redirect is liable to run himself out of more plays than not. Sark attacked that again and again.

If Price could play 1-tech or nose tackle in the pros, his bull rush might be enough to be an impact player, but again we approach the fact that Price is undersized. It's very possible that Price is a tweener. A run stuffing defensive tackle in a 3-tech's body. Apart from his limited pass rush repertoire and apparent lack of awareness, he doesn't go all out. He collapses the pocket and then abandons the play. He doesn't run around looking for action; he halfheartedly jogs towards the action. Very perfunctory. That might be a slight critique, for all of Tyson Alualu's hustle, he rarely got into plays he pursued across or down the field, but it's again worrisome from a pure scouting perspective. It's not so much that his lack of hustle impacts his college game, but it would be heartening to know he has it in him. Soon enough, he won't be dominating his competition, and a little extra effort could help bridge the transition.

1. 1st and 10 at WASH 16 Demitrius Bronson rush for 2 yards to the Wash 18.

LDT, 3-tech. Guard pulls. Price runs through and out of play; shows minimal pursuit.

2. 2nd and 8 at WASH 18 Jake Locker rush for 1 yard to the Wash 19.

LDT, 1-tech. Washington runs a read option and Price reads wrong. He explodes into the backfield untouched. At the mesh point Locker pulls the ball out and waits. Price destroys decoy Demitrius Bronson and Locker continues on unscathed. It's an awkward run and nothing comes of it, but for Price: A wasted opportunity.

Price aligns at nose and shows good power off the line, but the play is stopped because of a Washington false start.

3. 3rd and 12 at WASH 14 Jake Locker pass complete to Jermaine Kearse for 16 yards to the Wash 30 for a 1ST down.

NT, but shaded towards left 1-tech. Three man line. Price drops or rather slides into coverage towards the right flat. He does not factor.

4. 1st and 10 at WASH 30 Chris Polk rush for 28 yards to the UCLA 42 for a 1ST down.


(Timeout - Washington)

5. 1st and 10 at UCLA 42 Jake Locker pass complete to Johri Fogerson for 11 yards to the UCLA 31 for a 1ST down.

NT/Right 1-tech. Price gets decent push but pursues play action and runs himself out of the play.

6. 1st and 10 at UCLA 31 Chris Polk rush for 11 yards to the UCLA 20 for a 1ST down.

NT/Right 1-tech. Bullies Tolar into the backfield but Chris Polk runs right around Price and picks up 11.

7. 1st and 10 at UCLA 20 Jake Locker pass complete to James Johnson for 18 yards to the UCLA 2 for a 1ST down.

NT/Right 1-tech. Price loops outside on a stunt, looks slow and fails to provide any pressure.

8. 1st and Goal at UCLA 2 Jake Locker pass incomplete.

This one's a little tough, as I think Price is playing 5-tech in a goal line front, but the camera angle is not great. He smashed into the right tackle and the tackle does that judo-throw thing where they fall down and take the linemen with them. Always looks like holding to me, but is never called.

9. 2nd and Goal at UCLA 2 Chris Polk rush for no gain to the UCLA 2.

LDT, 1-tech. Price bursts through and looks to stagger a pulling guard, but then runs himself out of the play.

10. 3rd and Goal at UCLA 2 Chris Polk rush for no gain to the UCLA 2.

RDT, 1-tech. Price powers out his stance but is lost in the pile. That pile does stuff the rusher, though.

(Field Goal)