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Seahawks Follow-up Notes

  • Peter King's adorable golden retriever is reporting that Donte Stallworth has signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Suffer Seahawks fans. The one that got away, Eric DeCosta, signed the one that got away, Donte Stallworth. The Ravens, because they are a good team, are identified as needing a wide receiver. The Seahawks, because they are a bad team, are not so identified. Nate Burleson is a free agent come March. I see no need here.
  • Jimmy Clausen will not throw at the NFL Combine. It's pretty common for top quarterback prospects to want to throw on their home turf with receivers they are comfortable with. Clausen actually has a real excuse, recovering from surgery to repair turf toe, but a real excuse is not necessary. This should not impact Clausen's stock. His height, might. Someone has to explain this to me: "Clausen's lack of height (word is he'll measure at 6-1 or less)". First, how is this a mystery? Second, how is this possible?
  • Finally, synthesizing two ideas from earlier posts, that Joique Bell doesn't have much chance to be an NFL rusher, and that many talented NFL fullbacks were not fullbacks in college, may I propose Joique Bell, NFL fullback. He has the frame and size to play the position. Bell is 5'11", 223, and his good overall athleticism and agility would be an asset at fullback. As a fullback, his speed would change from potential liability to strength, and his vision and running ability would make him a force on fullback draws. I personally don't see another path to professional success for Bell. He's worked hard to get here. I'm not going to be the guy to tell Bell he's topped out, but truth is he might be a few weeks from the hard realization that he needs to change positions or go home.