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Seahawks Video Preview: Combine Primer

Nothing substantial, just a few players worth keeping an eye on starting Wednesday.

Seattle has four defensive tackles on roster and two are Craig Terrill and Colin Cole. Another is enigma Red Bryant. Bryant was unrefined at A&M and turns 26 April 18. Red isn't much of a prospect anymore. His future in the league is uncertain. Maybe the talent asserts itself this season, but it's beyond risky for Seattle to count on that. Which is to say, Seattle needs a defensive tackle. Arthur (Art?) Jones is another tackle worth a damn in this fantastic class. Witness.

I personally wouldn't mind if Seattle drafted two defensive tackles. I would hate for Seattle to enter the draft with fixed needs, but after losing Michael Bennett and Derek Walker, and without free agency, the Seahawks are in a terrible bind. Tackle is less need than impending crisis.

Speaking of which, if Seattle misses out on Ndamokung Suh, Gerald McCoy, Eric Berry, Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford, it could do worse than Russell Okung. Okung is a gifted athlete, has no substantial injury history and is built exactly like a left tackle should be: Like Walter Jones.

I think after the Combine he will have secured his status as a top ten pick. Fact is, Seattle might miss out on a franchise quarterback, but it can still contribute to the future of its offense by drafting smart.

Taylor Price is someone Seahawks fans should know about. I think John Schneider will target Midwest talent, and I think he has a bit of a taste for smaller school players. Price is very talented and as you will see was a bit hidden by some terrible quarterback play.

Kyle Williams is another kid with terrific athleticism that was buried on a bad program and hidden by bad quarterback play. One would guess Pete Carroll knows a little bit about this Sun Devil.

Finally, since small school prospects will finally, mercifully be in play, and since Schneider has Midwest roots, and since Seattle needs a corner but can't overspend, I introduce Akwasi Owusu-Ansah. Akwasi means "born on Sunday".

Owusu had ten interceptions in 20 games including eight just this season, and would contribute both as corner depth and as a returner. He's absurdly athletic, but also a huge project. Seattle needs to take some big swings. Expect him to be called this draft's DRC about ten million times. If the shoe fits...