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The Terrell Owens Wager

A lot of things can explain how Andre Johnson went from empty yardage to DVOA darling, but only one explanation is necessary: Matt Schaub. Paired with an effective quarterback, Johnson proved what he already was, a superstar. His statistics soared across the board.

Likewise, did Steve Smith really crater this season, or did Jake Delhomme? Smith was the fifth most valuable receiver in football by DYAR in 2008, but 52nd in 2009. If it was Smith, he certainly wouldn't be successful receiving for Matt Moore. I don't have DYAR for the games Moore started, but I can tell you Smith's catch rate improved to 61%, he averaged 19.9 yards per reception, had 10 first downs and three touchdowns. It wasn't against great pass defenses, 23, 17, 22 and 16, but hardly terrible pass defenses, either.

The Buffalo Bills decided against offering a contract to Terrell Owens. Maybe it doesn't make sense for Seattle to inquire. Owens is 36, probably wants to play for a contender, and doesn't fit a team that's rebuilding, aka committed to losing. He is so committed to playing for a contender that he signed with Buffalo last season. It does make sense for somebody to pursue the controversial, but nevertheless sensational, wide receiver. His last season in Dallas wasn't too hot, and maybe he really has lost too much to be good again, but if I had to pin blame for his DYAR disaster in 2009, I would look first to Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yeah, maybe he doesn't make sense for Seattle, but on a one-year deal like he signed with Buffalo, no cap implications, virtually no downside, he's an awful sound wager for a team interested in winning. Whoever that might be. Baltimore?