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Alualu: Jumps, Controls and Stunts

Tyson Alualu shows great awareness. He contributes between stats by creating piles and engaging pull blockers. What can look like a slow jump is revealed to be expert recognition. Alualu knows when to take it down a notch, control his gap and not run himself out of the play.

1. 1st and 10 at UTAH 11 Eddie Wide rush for 5 yards to the Utah 16.

Alu is aligned over left tackle Zane Beadles. He looks slow off the snap, but why is quickly revealed. He's controlling against the run. Alu holds ground but does not factor.

2. 2nd and 5 at UTAH 16 Jordan Wynn sacked for a loss of 5 yards to the Utah 11.

Tyson aligns on Beadles outside shoulder -- five-tech. The Utes are aligned in an empty backfield and Alu explodes off the snap anticipating pass. He bursts into Beadles inside shoulder, swims, separates, blocks out the passing lane and forces Wynn to abort his pass attempt and pull the ball back. Wynn scrambles left but is trip-sacked by a lunging Kendrick Payne.

3. 3rd and 15 at UTAH 6 Jordan Wynn pass incomplete.

A false start puts Utah in desperate down, distance and field position. Alu again stands, this time off right tackle. At the snap, the right defensive end attacks right. Alu charges as if edge rushing, then smoothly redirects, shows nice footwork avoiding the end's legs, and efficiently and effectively loops towards the right guard. Wynn targets the middle, but it's as much throw away as pass.

Drive over.

1. 1st and 10 at UTAH 25 Jordan Wynn  pass intercepted by Eddie Young at the Utah 31, returned for 31 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.

Alu starts at LOLB, but lowers into a three point as tight end Kendrick Moeai motions from the right slot to right tight end. Alu charges off the snap, wards off an attempted cut block, turns to watch the pass zing over him, sees linebacker Eddie Young undercut the rout and immediately pulls in front of the running linebacker to block his path to the end zone. Young overtakes Alu just as the two reach the goal line.