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Free Stallworth for the Team that can Stomach Him

I would think the man that forgave Jerammy Stevens every sin would not cut Donte Stallworth for punitive reasons, but it's certainly possible. There's little other reason to cut a talented player in an uncapped season short on free agents. If nothing else, Stallworth could fetch a late round pick in trade. He only cost $1.4 million against the cap in 2009. A pittance. He isn't far removed from a run of productive if unsteady seasons with the Patriots, Eagles and Saints. Stallworth doesn't have to be good to be valuable for a team like the Cowboys that could use him in four receiver sets opposite Miles Austin. Maybe he'll end up a Cowboy, but a smart team would put themselves somewhere in the middle. Nab a pick for housing Stallworth for a couple months.

I'd rather not revisit the morality of Stallworth's crime, but it's necessary. He killed a man. He killed a man drinking and driving. His blood alcohol at the time was 0.12, lower than either Lofa Tatupu or Owen Schmitt at the time of their respective arrests. Probably lower than some left their Super Bowl parties. But he killed a man and that's the fact that survives the wash. He was convicted of manslaughter and served 24 days in jail. People hate when a star athlete gets of easy. I personally hate that all DUI convictions don't come with jail time and that manslaughter is considered an additional offense on an inherently dangerous act. It's like shooting at someone but missing and being charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm.

So there it is, all laid out, the ugly, moralistic truth. Stomach the man and his past and Stallworth is a talented wide receiver that could fill out a corps or probably be traded for a draft pick. Of course, as this stuff goes, I wouldn't be surprised if he was blackballed right out of the league. He did kill a man.