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Seahawks Sign Ruvell Martin

According to the Seattle PI (and several other sources), the Seahawks signed Ruvell Martin to a one-year deal.. You've all been waiting for a tall receiver and the Queen and Prime Minister have delivered. Martin is a 6'4" receiver out of Saginaw Valley State. Undrafted, Martin has spent time with the Chargers, the Amsterdam Admirals, the Packers, and the Rams. He hasn't played much and had the best game of his career in a week 17 matchup against the Bears (one Martin catch in the footage + bonus footage of Sexcannon picks). Some of you may remember him for the 60 yards he pinned on the Seahawks this past season. That happened. 

Given his pedigree, Martin isn't likely the hero needed to bring the Seahawks to respectability. Martin is much-needed depth. The team was staring at a functional depth chart consisting of Houshmandzadeh, Deion Branch, Deon Butler, and Ben Obomanu. Martin is an inexpensive, living human under the age of 30 (he's 27) with NFL starts and catches to his name. Okay? Okay.

As an aside, some friends and I drove up to to watch a Packers training camp in the summer of 2006. Guess who else was there? Ruvell Martin, that's who. Guess what? He wasn't all that interesting there either.