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Whitehurst and the Clock Killing Touchdown

San Diego was up 19-7 and the Chargers running game was effectively killing the clock. This was Whitehurst's best drive.

1-10-SD 30 (7:35) 30-K.Moore left end to SF 45 for 25 yards (41-T.Lambert). PENALTY on SF-47-B.Miller, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at SD 30. Penalty on SF-41-T.Lambert, Illegal Block Above the Waist, declined.

Defensive offside accepted.


SD: WR (left, right), TE (right), I (left)

SF: 3-4 (5)

2-4-SD 36 (6:43) 6-C.Whitehurst pass deep right to 12-G.Banks pushed ob at SF 45 for 19 yards (41-T.Lambert).

Whitehurst takes a seven step drop, plants, reads Gary Banks in a soft spot and finds him with a somewhat wobbly, but accurate pass.





SD: WR (left), 2WR (right), TE (right), RB

SF: 4-2

3-7-SF 30 (4:04) 6-C.Whitehurst pass short middle to 12-G.Banks to SF 15 for 15 yards (28-C.Taylor).

Whitehurst takes a three-step drop and fixes on the right slot receiver. He demonstratively shrugs his throwing shoulder, but does not actually pump-fake. He hits Banks on a seam route, and nearly as quickly as Banks can receive, Curtis Taylor drops a huge shoulder flattening him and drawing the flag. Upon further review, it's a clean, punishing tackle. The officials pick up the flag. Banks picks himself up and walks to the sideline.

SD: WR(left), 2TE (right), I

SF: 3-4(5)

1-10-SF 15 (3:32) 6-C.Whitehurst pass short right to 47-K.Sperry for 15 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

It's play action, but Whitehurst does not sell it very well. The motion does draw the left outside linebacker, and that creates an opening in the right flat. Whitehurst locks onto Sperry, pulls the ball down, slaps it, and throws it slightly high and behind Sperry. He snags it, redirects and dives, wrapping the ball inside the pylon. Touchdown.