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Eric Berry and the Ten Accomplices

Montario Hardesty stumbled attempting to run right to position himself for a screen pass, and that in part disrupted the timing and aborted the play. He then showed decent burst running right, but ran into a pile, and than attempted to run left, but was caught behind a pulling offensive lineman and then tackled when he attempted to cut in. It's a tough life being a running back. You depend on everyone around you, and when they can't click, you do not stand a chance.

1. 1st and 10 at TENN 46 Tyrod Taylor pass complete to Danny Coale for 42 yards to the Tenn 4 for a 1ST down

Berry is playing opposite the left tight end. He runs Sam Wheeler down the field, a little slack, but in no danger of being burned. The same can not be said for his teammates. Coale receives on the left sideline for 42.

2. 1st and Goal at TENN 4 Ryan Williams rush for no gain to the Tenn 4.

Berry shoots the gap and hits and tangles the fullback. He can't escape Kenny Jefferson in time to tackle, but he leads the rally and Volunteers swarm Williams in the backfield.

3. 2nd and Goal at TENN 4 Tyrod Taylor pass incomplete to Andre Smith.

Berry starts off right end and is in man cover of Andre Smith. Smith fades towards the right sideline and then runs a dig. The motion briefly tangles Berry with the left corner, but he is able to recover. Berry jumps the route and slaps the ball away.

4. 3rd and Goal at TENN 4 TENNESSEE penalty 3 yard face mask accepted, no play.

Volunteers are overloading the left, and Berry streaks into the backfield but stops after engaging Ryan Williams. A free blitzer forces Taylor to scramble left, and I think Berry drops the blitz to contain the outlet receiver. A facemask penalty bollocks up the effort. Fresh set of downs.

(Timeout Tennessee)

5. 1st and Goal at TENN 1 Ryan Williams rush for a loss of 2 yards to the Tenn 3.

Berry starts off right end and follows the action left, but does not factor.

6. 2nd and Goal at TENN 3 Ryan Williams rush for 3 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.

Starts off right end and retreats slightly into outside contain. Left guard Jaymes Brooks pulls around right end and blocks and forces back Berry. Williams cuts in just off right end and scores.