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The Precocious Gerald McCoy

Brandon Mebane is a great single-gap defensive tackle. He is strong enough to anchor, agile enough to pursue, and quick enough to penetrate, even sack. Seattle should be in no hurry to replace Mebane. Colin Cole is a middling two-gap defensive tackle. He shows some ability to anchor, can not pursue and is not quick enough to pressure. Seattle can improve two positions and its depth by adding a starter-capable, disruptive defensive tackle. I have written this a thousand times. This is the first time Seattle has a legitimate chance to draft one of the top three most talented players in his class to fill that need.

We will revisit Eric Berry. Today I begin looking at Gerald McCoy. The number one thing to know about McCoy is that much of his value is tied to his potential. McCoy is not yet a great player. He is a good player with incredible athletic potential. He is good, amazingly athletic and just barely 22. From a pure tools standpoint, McCoy may be the best prospect in the entire draft.

Oklahoma squared off against the Stanford Cardinals in the 2009 Sun Bowl. Hardly a pushover, Stanford's offense ranks 10th overall by S&P. Of course, it did not help to lose Andrew Luck.

1. 1st and 10 at STAN 28 Toby Gerhart rush for 1 yard to the Stanf 29.

LDT, 1-tech, 4 down linemen. McCoy is double teamed, holds his ground and moves towards the ball carrier.

2. 2nd and 9 at STAN 29 Tavita Pritchard pass incomplete.

LDT, 1-tech, 4 down linemen. Stanford attempts an angle block on McCoy but he is able to outrun it, moving into the backfield before the right tackle can engage him. Unfortunately, he chases Toby Gerhart left, and the play is a play-action boot right. Does not factor.

3. 3rd and 9 at STAN 29 Tavita Pritchard pass intercepted by Travis Lewis at the Stanf 37, returned for 7 yards to the Stanf 30.

RDT, 3-tech, 2 DL. McCoy angles hard left and engages center Chase Beeler. He powers through and bulls over Beeler, but is caught and dropped and falls forward towards Pritchard's feet. He begins to pick himself up. Prtichard hurries a throw into coverage and throws a tipped-pass interception.