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Lone McCoy

Oklahoma quickly put themselves up 7-0 on Stanford.

1. 1st and 10 at STAN 22 Toby Gerhart rush for 5 yards to the Stanf 27.

RDT, 3-tech, 4 DL. Pushes up and then slaps down left guard Andrew Phillips. Does not otherwise factor.

(During the play, starting defensive tackle Adrian Taylor suffers a gruesome injury and is helped onto a stretcher. He is replaced by freshman Jamarkus McFarland.)

2. 2nd and 5 at STAN 27 Toby Gerhart rush for 2 yards to the Stanf 29.

LDE, 0-tech, 3 DL. Double teamed, holds ground but is lost in the pile.

3. 3rd and 3 at STAN 29 Toby Gerhart rush for 2 yards to the Stanf 31.

LDT, 1-tech, 3 DL. Beeler cuts and drops McCoy. He gets up hobbling. DNF.


(Landry Jones throws an interception to Bo McNally that is returned to the Oklahoma 14.)

1. 1st and 10 at OKLA 14 Toby Gerhart rush for 4 yards to the Okla 10.

LDT, 1-tech, 4 DL. Beeler again attempts to cut McCoy, but McCoy avoids, hurdles and races into the backfield. Right tackle David DeCastro attempts to angle block but McCoy runs free. He wraps around the fullback and attempts to arm tackle Gerhart from behind, but Gerhart runs through the tackle with ease.

2. 2nd and 6 at OKLA 10 Stepfan Taylor rush for 5 yards to the Okla 5.

RDT, 1-tech. 4 DL. McCoy is cut, avoids, and is then blocked. Stanford runs a wildcat, and Taylor sweeps towards the left flat. DNF.

(Timeout Stanford)

3. 3rd and 1 at OKLA 5 Toby Gerhart rush for 2 yards to the Okla 3 for a 1ST down.

RDE, 5-tech, 4 DL. McCoy angles in and forces up and through a left tackle-tight end double team. He then isolates left tackle Jonathan Martin and forces his way into the hole, closing it. Gerhart continues left, finds an opening and plunges for the first.

4. 1st and Goal at OKLA 3 Toby Gerhart rush for 2 yards to the Okla 1.

RDE, 5-tech, 4 DL. McCoy attacks the tight end's inside shoulder, but then releases and runs around his outside shoulder. He fights into the backfield, but the run is nowhere near him. DNF.

5. 2nd and Goal at OKLA 1 Owen Marecic rush for 1 yard for a TOUCHDOWN.

RDE, 5-tech, 4 DL. Cuts in, does not factor, touchdown.