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Good Ol' Charles Brown

Charles Brown made sense for Seattle before the Seahawks hired Pete Carroll. Now, Brown may or not make sense. Carroll is selling Seattle's interior piecemeal, meaning it now has holes at both guards and maybe both tackles. Seattle definitely needs offensive line talent, and Brown should be available at 14, but Carroll is very familiar with Brown. We shall see if that is familiar: comfort; or familiar: contempt.

Brown is a rangy, athletic zone-blocking left tackle that excels at pass protection but must grow into his strength. That is the blueprint, anyway. Today I start looking at the player.

USC matched against Notre Dame at Notre Dame in what turned into a closely contested game. The Irish had a mediocre defense. By draft standards, worse than that. Brown was not matched against pro-caliber competition. There is time to revisit Brown if he becomes a Seahawk.

1. 1st and 10 at USC 25 NOTRE DAME penalty 8 yard pass interference accepted, no play.

USC sets with trips left, wide receiver wide right. Notre Dame is in a 4-3 over. Brown moves in to assist blocking the right end, but reads the right outside linebacker's motion and retreats wide to block the blitz. Matt Barkley throws. PI.

2. 1st and 10 at USC 33 Joe McKnight rush for a loss of 2 yards to the USC 31.

Brown stands up and moves out right defensive end Keary Neal. USC runs right.

3. 2nd and 12 at USC 31 Joe McKnight rush for 5 yards to the USC 36.

Brown fires out and hits Neal, but cannot control him. Neal dictates the motion and works his way left and into the hole. McKnight bounces outside for five.

(False Start USC)

4. 3rd and 12 at USC 31 Matt Barkley pass incomplete to Damian Williams.

The right defensive end drops into cover. Brown moves in and double teams right defensive tackle Ethan Johnson. Johnson slides over and attempts to isolate Brown, and Brown responds with a hearty push that forces back and staggers Johnson.