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C.J. Spiller in the Greatest Game of His Career

If you can't get a sufficient sample, you at least want a quality sample. That is why I look for games against top competition. I look for recent games and games where the player was healthy. When I can't accomplish that, I just go with what I've got.

Georgia Tech was not top competition. Their offense looked the part, but their defense and especially their run defense was bad. Spiller was not fully healthy, but he was mostly recovered from a turf toe injury that slowed him all season. It was recent at least. Enough qualifiers, let's get to this.

1. 1st and 10 at CLEM 29 Jacoby Ford rush for 4 yards to the Clem 33.

Clemson starts at their 29 after Tech pooch kicks it to avoid Spiller. Spiller had five return touchdowns in 2009. Spiller is aligned on the right. Clemson is in shotgun, and Ford sweeps from left wide out behind the line and towards the right flat. Spiller lead blocks, but does not actually engage in a block.

2.2nd and 6 at CLEM 33 C.J. Spiller rush for 2 yards to the Clem 35.

Clemson motions out of three wide receivers and into an "I" formation. The Tiger interior gets some small push and Spiller slashes up into the gap, lowers his shoulder and takes what is given.

3. 3rd and 4 at CLEM 35 Kyle Parker pass complete to Michael Palmer for 6 yards to the Clem 41 for a 1ST down.

Clemson starts with three wide receivers right, but motions one left. Spiller and tight end Palmer are on the left. C.J. runs an angle out into the left flat. His presence overloads the zone and draws coverage off of Palmer.

4. 1st and 10 at CLEM 41 C.J. Spiller rush for 40 yards to the GTech 19 for a 1ST down.

Right guard Antoine McClain pulls left. McClain and fullback Chad Diehl run side-by-side behind left guard-left tackle. Spiller jogs left and behind his lead blockers. Diehl fires forward and fells freshman linebacker Julian Burnett. McClain can't control safety Mario Edwards and Edwards flashes free into the hole. Spiller cuts left and around the pile; finds daylight up the left sideline and sprints past four Yellow Jackets. Spiller is squeezed out of bounds after 40.

5. 1st and 10 at GT 19 C.J. Spiller rush for 1 yard to the GTech 18.

Derrick Morgan fires under McClain and nearly grasps Spiller as he is taking the handoff, but Spiller jukes back and runs forward for one. Ford's end around motion does not draw a defender.

6. 2nd and 9 at GT 18 Kyle Parker pass complete to Jacoby Ford for 15 yards to the GTech 3 for a 1ST down.

Play action: Spiller runs left, Parker boots right and finds Ford free. That is a lot of speed running opposite directions.

7. 1st and Goal at GT 3 C.J. Spiller rush for 3 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.

Clemson shows all kinds of presnap motion, but end in an unbalance formation: 2WR (left), TE (left), Offset "I" (left). Tech is in a 3-4. McClain pulls. Clemson struggles to create push. Spiller hits the hole but when no exit develops, cuts right, gets narrow and shoots a seam into the end zone.