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Don't Change a (Expletive Deleted) Thing about Overtime.

If you listen to media types like Peter King or Mike Florio, the NFL's overtime rules are the biggest miscarriage of justice since the Sacco and Vanzetti trial... "How can it be fair to leave Brett Favre or Peyton Manning on the sidelines without a chance to score in OT of a playoff game?? ATTICA! ATTICA!!!"

Here's the thing: You know who doesn't complain about the OT rules? NFL players and coaches.

Why the players? Because football, particularly at the elite level, destroys the human body. Yes, they are very well compensated for destroying their bodies, but every additional snap taken is another chance to suffer a crippling injury or even death. Why on earth would they want anything but a system where the game is over as quickly as possible?

Why the coaches? Because coaches HATE making any additional decisions. They spend 18-hour days prepping for Sunday, and then make all manner of tough decisions throughout the game. The last thing they want is some new OT system that they have to navigate and risk getting fired over making the wrong call. Right now it's simple: Tie game? Coin flip. We won the toss? Awesome! Get in FG range, bang it through and get the fuck off the field! Lost the toss? We gave up a FG? Oh well, it's not MY fault.

The 3rd factor is the TV networks: Until the playoffs, they hemmorage money broadcasting the NFL. Why do they do it? So they can promote the holy fuck out of their crappy shows. Ask yourself: Are you more aware of what's on ESPN, NBC, FOX and CBS than you are of what's on ABC? I sure as hell am.. besides Lost and Modern Family, I have no idea what is on ABC or when it's airing. Given this reality, the networks DON'T WANT REGULAR SEASON GAMES THAT LAST FOR 4+ HOURS. Then they bleed into 60 minutes, etc etc, and they lose even more money.

For my own part, I've never once though this after a Seahawks game that went to overtime:

"Man, we sure got fucked by the OT format! DAMN YOU ROZELLLLLLLE!!!!"

And we've lost THREE playoff games in OT over the years I've been a fan!

A lot of this sentiment comes from misguided notions of fairness, and an over-emphasis on offense. Seriously, if your kickoff coverage team lets the other guys return it to the 45, and then your defense allows a FG, I don't really see how you "deserve" a shot at the ball. This isn't baseball. Both teams aren't gauranteed an at-bat.

Except in college, with its retarded OT format, which disfigures the game almost beyond recognition. No kickoffs. No punts. Just an amped-up, convoluted scrimmage because, apparently, sudden death would traumatize the fragile brainpans of college football players?

Florio and his ilk think the NFL should emulate college ball. Why? Why in the name of Johnny Unitas should the most popular, powerful sports league that has ever existed take its cues from its little brother, which more or less functions as a glorified minor/developmental league? To be blunt, the NCAA can pound sand. Get back to me when their TV ratings even approach the NFL's.

So I say leave OT the fuck alone. If you have to change it, keep it SIMPLE. "First to six" is way easier to explain than the Rube Goldberg scheme the NFL is considering.