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Seahawks Pinch Pennies With Rob Sims; May Regret It (they get all the scoops!) is reporting that Seattle has offered Ben Obomanu, Rob Sims, Chris Spencer and Darryl Tapp original round tenders. Spencer and Tapp are first round and second round picks respectively, and original round tenders should be enough to protect either. However, don't be surprised if New England, with three second round picks, and a need for a pass rush specialist, doesn't inquire about Tapp. They are in win now mode, have four picks in the first two rounds, an additional first round pick in 2011, and a solid history of trading draft picks for undervalued players. Nevertheless, the Tapp and Spencer tenders do not irk me, much.

The Rob Sims tender seems quite foolish. Sims was a fourth round selection made good and would demand only a fourth round pick to acquire. While Brian Burke did not review offensive linemen specifically, he did look at all players and their success by draft order. Players selected in Sims range, he was selected 128th overall, average a hair more than one season as their team's primary starter. Their chance of reaching the Pro Bowl is insignificant enough that he did not even list it. Sims has now started two seasons, lost one he would have started if not for a pectoral tear, and though probably not a Pro Bowl player, is at least above average for his position. If I were a general manager for another team, I would trade a fourth round pick for Sims in a heartbeat.

Will it happen? That is the part I do not know. Perhaps Pete Carroll and John Schneider have a better read of the market than I do, and know that Sims will not be pursued. They admit they don't, but let's try to be sanguine here. If that is the case, consider me disappointed. Sims easily exceeds the value of a fourth round selection, and for any team that wants to turn a modestly valuable draft pick into an above average starter in his prime, Seattle has dangled Sims likely to their own loss. The Bears, for instance, would be foolish not to inquire.