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Remain Calm, Proceed to the Nearest Exit

The transition between winter and spring does not come linearly. 55 degrees one day, snowing the next. I don't know whether to walk out of the house each morning in gloves and a hat or short sleeves. There is a benefit to the bipolar weather, though, at least in regions that get snow. For two or three days a year, a day of snow precedes a day of blue skies and sunshine and those are breathtakingly gorgeous (and blinding, but that's just bah humbuggery). Combination sunny / snowy / warm days are like finding a rerun of a Seinfeld episode that I've somehow never seen before: rare, magical, temporarily transformative, fleeting. I feel a different person on those days, prodded to run outdoors and perhaps in possession of a more effervescent aura. 

Humans react to stimulus. It's only natural, and we're wired to do it. Literally. The internet has brought about a revolution in the speed and dispersion of information. We all know that has consequences, but could all use a reminder now and again. Not to pick on NFP, but one of their writers confused Raven Dwan for Raven Dawan and created a temporary but unnecessary ripple. A butterfly flaps its wings and a hurricane brews, chaos theory incarnate.  The network of nodes bringing information to us contains so many potential points of alteration and amplification that striking up the band for each piece of maybe-news will only lead to insanity. Especially so during this portion of the offseason, when these nodes try to make a name for themselves by being the first, the fastest. Conjecture becomes rumor and rumor gives the impression of weight.