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Saturday Free Agent Thread

I finally got around to reading, or beginning to read, Ron Jaworski's analysis of Jay Cutler's 26 interceptions. As you may know, it has been widely reported that Jaworski claims all 26 interceptions were in some way Cutler's fault. Big problem: I'm through nine, and Jaworski has already excused two, and said he wasn't sure about another.

Pick 2: It was a really good call, but Jolly makes a hell of a defensive play. I can't lay this on (Cutler).

Pick 6: I hate first down turnovers. You don't give yourself a chance. What I don't know here, is if this was a dig or a turn. I can't put it on anyone, because I don't know what the route was. But regardless of what it is, he's throwing into double coverage. These safeties are reading Jay, and he's kind of staring it down.

Pick 9: 4th and 5. These, you just have to make a play. I got no problem with it. You just have to hope your guy makes a great catch.

I'm going to grab some pudding and coffee before I finish this up, but what I really want to know is: How has this been so widely misreported? Has everyone linked to it, but no one actually read it?