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Open Seahawks Discussion Thread: April 13

I've been a bit bogged down refreshing my CougarLife profile, but my what a busy week we've had! I hate the offseason. I can't shake it. I hate, hate the offseason. No football, that's bad, but I am a sports omnivore and baseball and basketball suffice. It's not the free time either. Alanya is on a crossword kick and doing a crossword with the wife is a kind of cool I can't explain. What bothers me is something else. We are all left waiting outside a black box, interpreting decisions without a great deal of insight into the process. News takes two forms: arrests and deals. I understand I'm in the minority, but I don't think professional athletes owe fans their lives. Want to be asshole? You're hardly alone. I know you're an asshole because you play for my team? That sucks for both of us, I guess.

People are not hopeful either. Sims was good. Tapp was good. Seattle has not roped in a quality free agent. It moved down in the draft to acquire Charlie Whitehurst. I think I understand the plan, but it is a bit disheartening to even temporarily get older and worse when the team was already aged and bad. If this class fails, Seattle is in quite a fix.

This is an open thread. Want to discuss the Seahawks, I'm around. Let's discuss.