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Seattle Seahawks Select Russell Okung Sixth Overall

Russell Okung is an exceptionally talented left tackle.

From a pure tools perspective, Okung is blessed with long arms and a broad, thick build. That's an ideal mix for a left tackle. It allows him to anchor against the bull rush, an increasingly important quality for tackles as more and more teams transition to a 3-4, but also entangle edge rushers and stop or slow them. He has good straight line speed, but much more importantly, exceptional footwork. He moves through garbage with ease, pulls effortlessly, and gracefully redirects in space. Okung could master any scheme and should thrive as a zone blocker.

He isn't a finished player. There's some nicks in his total game, but Okung has years to refine the details and a huge well of talent to draw from. He should give the Seahawks a cornerstone player for now and into and through the next decade. That is the hidden value of drafting an offensive tackle. Offensive linemen not only enjoy great career longevity, but a long prime that can last into their thirties.

It's not often that a pick is both sexy and practical, but Russell Okung is just that. He improves Seattle dramatically for next season and for seasons to come.