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Russell Okung and the Crumbling Quarterback

You crave it. Instant analysis. You need it. Instant analysis. Well here's your God damn instant analysis. I hope you choke on it.

Oklahoma. Oklahoma State. Bedlam. Okung. McCoy. All-conference end, Jeremy Beal.

1. 1st and 10 at OKST 20 Keith Toston rush for 2 yards to the OKSt 22.

State splits two tight ends, two wide, one a side. Before the snap, the right tight end motions left, putting two tight ends outside Russell Okung. Oklahoma is in a 4-3 over. State attempts to run left, and Okung is trapped behind the adjacent tight end. He shifts left and blocks into a pile of bodies.

2. 2nd and 8 at OKST 22 Zac Robinson rush for 11 yards to the OKSt 33 for a 1ST down.

Okung is opposite Beal, tight end by his side. Snap. The tight end releases into a route. Okung shades out. Beal attempts to attack inside. Okung pushes him towards left guard Noah Franklin. He's staggered and then almost knocked over by Franklin. Robinson wends through traffic for 11.

3. 1st and 10 at OKST 33 Keith Toston rush for 1 yard to the OKSt 34.

Option read right. Okung pulls right but doesn't reach a defender to block before the play is stuffed off right end. His pull is smooth and he redirects from squared towards the end zone to facing the right sideline quickly and skillfully.

4. 2nd and 9 at OKST 34 Zac Robinson pass incomplete to Keith Toston.

Okung guides Beal wide and then sticks out his long arms to close off the edge. Quick pass right.

5. 3rd and 9 at OKST 34 Zac Robinson rush for 3 yards to the OKSt 37.

Option left that never gets started. Okung pulls wide. Beal follows. Robinson slowly, slowly drifts towards the left flat. He has a pitch man waiting, but he never pitches. Beal attempts to close. Okung turns him right and away from the pitch and away from Robinson's motion, but it's a close call. The turn gives Beal a lane and he attempts to close towards Robinson. Just as he's about to free himself and crush the plodding quarterback, Okung gives him a little shove that sends him reeling back and away from Robinson. He never pitches. Instead cutting up and towards the sideline where he's quickly corralled.