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Teenage Earl Thomas is the Scourge of Sam Bradford


Where were you? Depends for me. In my car, eating 10 cent ramen qualifies. Around town looking for menial work to escape my car qualifies. Facing future first overall pick Sam Bradford and the record breaking Sooners offense does not. This is one thing that separates me from Earl Thomas. Also, my dreads are frizzy and lackluster. I need product.

Climb into the wayback machine with me and remember a time when five yard lobs became fifty yard strikes, and Thomas declared himself on the national stage. Sooners. Longhorns. 2008.

1. 1st and 10 at OKLA 20 Sam Bradford pass complete to Jermaine Gresham for 9 yards to the Okla 29.

Thomas is lined over left slot like a nickelback. Bradford targets Gresham on quick-out into the right flat. Thomas does not factor.

2. 2nd and 1 at OKLA 29 DeMarco Murray rush for 2 yards to the Okla 29, Texas penalty 15 yard personal foul accepted for a 1ST down.

Thomas loops from deep left towards and to contain the right flat. Murray powers through tackles for the first.

3. 1st and 10 at OKLA 46 DeMarco Murray rush for no gain to the Okla 46.

Thomas is assigned Gresham. Gresham runs towards the left flat and Thomas stays over top in deep contain. Sooners run right. Thomas breaks towards the motion, but the play is quickly over.

4. 2nd and 10 at OKLA 46 Sam Bradford pass complete to DeMarco Murray for 34 yards to the Texas 20 for a 1ST down.

This play goes horribly wrong for Texas. Sooners fake an end around right. Bradford keeps and rolls towards the left flat. The end-around action sucks up Thomas and middle linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy. Both are shaded right but within the tackle box. Bradford lobs it to Murray and Murray is off, streaking down the left sideline. Muckelroy sprints past Thomas, who is jogging, and pursues Murray. It's fruitless, but Murray is finally forced out along the sideline. Murray is Muckelroy's assignment, but either player could have contained, and Thomas was as fooled as anyone.

5. 1st and 10 at TEX 20 Sam Bradford pass complete to Jermaine Gresham for 15 yards to the Texas 5 for a 1ST down.

Thomas is playing moderately deep, just outside right tackle. He doubles right slot receiver Ryan Broyles. The pass is into the left flat.

6. 1st and Goal at TEX 5 Chris Brown rush for no gain to the Texas 5.

Thomas starts over the right slot receiver, but moves back into a traditional safety position after corner Ryan Palmer moves over into man coverage. Sooners run an inside draw for no gain. Thomas does not factor.

7. 2nd and Goal at TEX 5 Sam Bradford pass incomplete.

This time, Thomas starts over right slot and stays over right slot. His assignment is Manuel Johnson. Before the snap, Thomas points towards Gresham. Snap. Bradford stares down then throws a slow wobbler towards Johnson. Thomas jumps the route, high points the pass and nearly picks it, but the ball is batted away.

8. 3rd and Goal at TEX 5 Sam Bradford pass complete to Manuel Johnson for 5 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.

Thomas is outside the right tackle, about two yards into the end zone. He covers Gresham. Bradford pumps then finds Johnson on a quick out for the touchdown.