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Saturday Draft Thread

Seattle is loaded with third day picks. If a third of them become contributors, this could be one of the best drafts in team history.

Best remaining talent at positions of need (One man's opinion):


Joe McKnight: Fallen far enough to be valuable again.

Lonyae Miller: Nothing wrong with low miles for a running back prospect, nor anything wrong with being stuck behind Ryan Mathews.

James Starks: Half-priced Hardesty.

Deji Karim: Karim looks as perfectly proportioned to play running back as Okung does to play tackle. Dude is thick, and pretty explosive too.

Stafon Johnson: Never been into feel good picks, myself. Luckily, Johnson has excellent vision and quickness into the hole.


Akwasi Owusu-Ansah: Raw, but athletic and young enough to gamble.

Nolan Carroll: Broken bones heal.

Alterraun Verner: Good at football.

R.J. Stanford: The Te'o of the secondary.


Anthony McCoy: Solid all-around tight end.

Dorin Dickerson: Worth finding snaps for. His versatility and athleticism make him a matchup problem like Leonard Weaver or Dustin Keller.

Andrew Quarless: Has never reached his potential and might want to polish up his in-line blocking skills.


Kam Chancellor: Thumper.

Josh Pinkard: On his third ACL in his left knee; second in his right, but can still play.

Robert Johnson: Good in college, good athleticism, Johnson is one of the few viable starters at safety still on the board.


Al Woods: Better potential than play, but that's typical for a DT prospect.

Geno Atkins: Last chance to write that.

Arthur Jones: Ditto.

DeMarcus Granger: Former five start prospect that never broke through with Sooners. Injured.


Everson Griffen: See McKnight, Joe.

Corey Wootton: Strongside end with potential, or, formerly with potential. Worth seeing which one is the case.

Lindsey Witten: Standup end type.

Greg Hardy: Another formerly great prospect that's fallen on hard times.

Brandon Sharpe: See Witten, Lindsey.

Thaddeus Gibson: Injured standup end type.

Ricky Sapp: It's a deep class for formerly hyped ends.

Kyle Bosworth: Could make a Chris Clemons type end.


Roddrick Muckelroy: Good all around inside linebacker.


Marshall Newhouse: A little big, but good athlete.

Jacques McClendon: Powerhouse that played in a ZBS.

Matt Tennant: Traditional Gibbs type.

Jeff Byers: Just draft him already.


Levi Brown

Jevan Snead

Zac Robinson

Dan LeFevour

John Skelton


Dezmon Briscoe: Love his size, athleticism and ability for a 20 year old.

Blair White: Good size and box out ability; good hands.

Kyle Williams: Great speed and coordination.

Mike Williams

Riley Cooper