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Seattle Seahawks Select Anthony McCoy at 185

Right off, I don't care if Anthony McCoy smoked, smokes, fiends for or has a six-foot double-perk named Bongzilla for marijuana. Don't care. Don't care. College kids smoke. NFL players smoke. Maybe it's a problem for some. Maybe Ricky Williams freaked out because of it. It's so insignificant it's not worth sweating.

McCoy is a good blocker and a good receiver. He's an excellent athlete. His ability to gain position against overmatched defensive backs made him a deep threat, but he's more likely an underneath guy at the professional level. Right now, he's still a little raw. Of all things, he struggles timing his release with the snap. He will sit behind Chris Baker and learn and earn his wares. Whenever he's ready, he could be very good. As good an overall tight end as anyone in this class.