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Seattle Seahawks Select Dexter Davis at 236 and Jameson Konz at 245

Dexter Davis is a highly productive former PAC-10 standout that will compete for a position as a standup end. He had 31 sacks in his 50 game Sun Devil career. What separates Davis from a typical high output-low potential pick is the pro caliber tools he flashed at the NFL Combine. He led all defensive ends in the forty and would have finished top ten among outside linebackers. His biggest weakness is his frame, which looks over-maxed at 244. That makes him a lot like Nick Reed. In fact, Nick Reed, plus a little burst, is a fair comparison.

Jameson Konz is an athlete. Pete Carroll will attempt to turn him into a football player. He will most likely fail, but what is lost in the attempt? If Davis is the new Nick Reed, Konz is the new Jordan Kent. He has long arms, great speed, great leaping ability, and no defined position. Seattle will work him at wide receiver, but don't get too excited. There's a few guys like this in every class. They are too tantalizing to pass over. Teams select them thinking "what if?" And "What if we don't?"