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You're Going to Like Russell Okung When He's Angry

A Clockwork Orange style reprogramming may be in order. Okung is capable, but rarely flashes the ultraviolence.
A Clockwork Orange style reprogramming may be in order. Okung is capable, but rarely flashes the ultraviolence.

Russell Okung has excellent raw potential. He needs coaching. It's not that he lacks technique. That would worry me. He has a smooth drop step, good hand punch and excellent footwork. He lacks fire. Okung does not dominate like his tools indicate he can. He will. Someone needs to breath a little meanness into Okung. Like too many of us, myself included, he can coast. Then, at the end of a series of nondescript plays, Okung puttin' in time blocking for the ugly, sloppy Cowboys offense, a play will start like any other, and end with a heart-stopping display of power.

1. 1st and 10 at OKST 23 Kendall Hunter rush for 4 yards, fumbled, forced by Brian Jackson, recovered by OKSt Wilson Youman at the OKSt 28.

Okung pulls right on a run right but does not land a block before Hunter fumbles.

2. 2nd and 5 at OKST 28 OKLAHOMA penalty 15 yard pass interference on Brian Jackson accepted, no play.

Okung shades, keeps squares, but is blown back, narrowing the pocket. Robinson throws deep to no one. Pass interference.

3. 1st and 10 at OKST 43 Zac Robinson pass complete to Justin Blackmon for 3 yards to the OKSt 46.

Okung blocks in, selling play action. It's a quick screen pass left. State's offense is full of quick, undemanding plays.

4. 2nd and 7 at OKST 46 Keith Toston rush for 4 yards to the Okla 45, OKLAHOMA penalty 5 yard substitution infraction accepted for a 1ST down.

Okung pulls forward and then left before squaring with and occupying linebacker Brian Jackson. It's a hat on man block.

5. 1st and 10 at OKLA 45 Zac Robinson sacked by Adrian Taylor for a loss of 4 yards to the Okla 49.

Seahawks fans are familiar with this sequence. Okung shades out, locks down rotational end Frank Alexander. Robinson has a pocket, time, and no effing clue who to pass to. Instead, he scrambles. He wends around Okung and attempts to turn the corner. Taylor caps his lane and rather than throw away, Robinson sacks himself for a loss of four.

6. 2nd and 14 at OKLA 49 Zac Robinson pass complete to Josh Cooper for 2 yards to the Okla 47.

PA, quick pass right. Okung hardly factors.

7. 3rd and 12 at OKLA 47 Zac Robinson pass incomplete to Justin Blackmon.

Oklahoma rushes three and Okung teams with the left guard to double nose tackle Gerald McCoy. Easy block. McCoy frenetically attempts to free himself, but Okung is able to single block him, freeing the guard to disengage and look out for a delayed blitz. Robinson hucks it vaguely in the direction of Blackmon.

(More bad football)

(Punt traps State within its ten)

1. 1st and 10 at OKST 7 Keith Toston rush for 2 yards to the OKSt 9, tackled by Pryce Macon.

Okung double teams McCoy, slips off and does not engage another defender before the play is over.

2. 2nd and 8 at OKST 9 Team rush for no gain, fumbled, recovered by OKSt at the OKSt 9.

Botched snap.

3. 3rd and 8 at OKST 9 Keith Toston rush for 4 yards to the OKSt 13.

Okung is again matched against McCoy. This time it's one-on-one. McCoy rushes the edge and Okung methodically shades out and holds the corner. Then things get chippy. McCoy recognizes draw. He shifts and slaps about Okung attempting to separate. That makes Okung mad. He has a wide bracket block on McCoy and McCoy is struggling to come free. McCoy attempts to push off from Okung's inside shoulder and get back into the action, but instead, Okung thrusts his right hand into McCoy's torso, his left hand into his ribs, and tosses McCoy over his hip, upending McCoy and following the third overall pick to the turf with a resounding body slam. Hulk smash.