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E.J. Wilson and the Three Pro Prospects

E.J. Wilson is college Cory Redding. He's big. He's powerful. He has presence. He's quicker than a tackle but marginal as an end. He pressures through hustle and power and relies on a sound secondary to get involved. Wilson is a Tim Ruskell pick. Pete Carroll loves him, but in type, he's a Ruskell pick. He was unheralded on heralded defense. A cog, but a hard working, reliable, healthy and skillful cog. Generating pressure in the NFL requires four on the four floor, everyone involved. Substituting a true end for tackle-end tweener cost Seattle in 2009. Let's hope Seattle can get the situational value of Redding without sacrificing vital pressure.

Pittsburgh is a very talented school that underachieves. North Carolina faced Pittsburgh in the Mein... Bowl. It was David Wannstedt football. Brew the coffee.

1. 1st and 10 at PITT 35 Bill Stull pass complete to Dorin Dickerson for 1 yard to the Pitt 36.

Wilson plays left defensive end. To his right plays Cam Thomas, Marvin Austin and Robert Quinn. Thomas is Thomas. Austin is the top rated defensive tackle prospect in the 2011 class, and Quinn, a sophomore, led the team in sacks with 11. Good company.

Wilson gets a good jump but pursues play action left and allows a rollout to the right. Tight end Nate Byham pops Wilson when he attempts to recover.

2. 2nd and 9 at PITT 36 Bill Stull pass complete to Jonathan Baldwin for 9 yards to the Pitt 45 for a 1ST down.

Right tackle Lucas Nix hits and stands up Wilson before passing him onto Byham. Quick pass left. Wilson does not factor.

3. 1st and 10 at PITT 45 Bill Stull pass incomplete to Jonathan Baldwin.

Wilson shows excellent power by getting an angle on and then chucking Nix, even as he's double by a fullback. He does not work into the action before the pass.

4. 2nd and 10 at PITT 45 Dion Lewis rush for 6 yards to the NCaro 49.

Wilson avoids a cut block but is then tripped attempting to hurdle the downed man.

5. 3rd and 4 at UNC 49 Bill Stull pass complete to Mike Shanahan for 7 yards to the NCaro 42 for a 1ST down.

NC runs stunts and Wilson takes a false step and sells a head fake before looping back towards center. It's smooth and slow. Center Rob Houser has adequate time to shade into Wilson's lane and block him out of the play.

6. 1st and 10 at UNC 42 NORTH CAROLINA penalty 15 yard pass interference accepted.

So-so jump and then locked up. Dorin Dickerson is targeted on a deep pass, which he drops, but the Tar Heels are charged with pass interference.

7. 1st and 10 at UNC 27 Dion Lewis rush for 4 yards to the NCaro 23.

Better jump this time, but it's doesn't help. Nix blocks then blocks through Wilson, passing him to Dickinson. Wilson pursues to his right but does not get back into the play.

8. 2nd and 6 at UNC 23 Dion Lewis rush for no gain to the NCaro 23.

Nix pulls and right guard John Malecki angles into Wilson. Wilson disengages and shadows the play right, but does not get involved.

9. 3rd and 6 at UNC 23 Bill Stull pass incomplete to Jonathan Baldwin.

Wilson pursues in. Stull rolls right. Wilson reads and recovers and disengages towards Stull. He shows little closing speed and Stull hucks it uncontested.

(Missed field goal)